ISO Speed Pivot Point.

Trek Domane, 360 GUARANTEED

It’s pretty bold to guarantee how good a bike is, but with Trek’s Domane we don’t have to worry. The Domane is a road racing bike, a touring bike, a road bike or what a lot of people call a ten speed. The biggest thing to know about this bike is that Trek put you…


Insulated Water Bottles.

Having an insulated water bottle is like having shoes on your feet. Plus it’s good for any situation where you want a cold drink! Check out 12 dollar polar bottles today at the bike shop in Zanesville Ohio.

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What is the difference between Men’s and Women’s bikes?

three sixty bike shop ohio – Comparing Men’s and Women’s bikes is easier then we think. Mainly, visually, the women’s bike typically has more of a girly look. They aren’t princess barbie bikes, but they typically choose colors that manly men wouldn’t prefer, but I’ve noticed that many women’s bikes have colorways that appeal to…


Bicycle technology works.

There’s a false adage people have about hi tech bicycle’s and parts. I’ve been in bike shops and heard a lot of it, but a youtube video sent me over the edge. The video has nothing to do with about what I’m going to write about, but for as worked up as I am over…


Trek Care Plus!

Everything about Trek’s racing bikes is on another level. Trek offers you the opportunity to buy Trek Care Plus. Trek Care Plus Covers your wheels, drive train and more for three years. This will save you money if you ride your bike.

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Helmet save life, factoid.

People come in, often, and asks “do I have to wear a helmet?”. The law says no, and that’s great. I usually tell people, if you’re comfortable where you’re riding and there are no cars and you’re not mountain biking you can make your own decision. That in case factor is there. In case I…

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A bike that is fun.

Is it possible for a bike to fun? Or is it that only fun can be had on a bike? Who knows. What is for certain is that Treks dual sport category is the perfect choice for the majority of us. When thinking about bikes, you need to think about it like you were purchasing…