Insulated Water Bottles.

Having an insulated water bottle is like having shoes on your feet. Plus it’s good for any situation where you want a cold drink! Check out 12 dollar polar bottles today at the bike shop in Zanesville Ohio.


Trek Pure

The Trek Pure “may have just become a personal favorite of mine”, says Mike Brooks, long time bike pilot and local bike shop owner/operator. “For one, this bike steers clear of traditional geometry, it puts the pedals out in front of the seat and allows the rider to sit in a really comfortable position”. It…


Project Motor Bike

Three Sixty Bike Shop – Zanesville Ohio 360 Bike Shop located in Zanesville Ohio is your source for motor driven bicycles. We start with an existing bicycle platform and install the motor of your choice. Also, during the process, you have the option to add accessories, such as fenders, racks and more. Stop in or…


The Trek Cross Rip, The Ultimate Touring Bike

When I think of the perfect bike for Zanesville Ohio and the people around Zanesville Ohio I think of a bike that can do everything. I imagine a bike that can take rough roads, chip and seal roads, gravel roads, smooth roads and offer great stability and durability. I imagine it being able to do…

Trek Bikes Zanesville Ohio Bike Repair

Trek Bikes, some of the best available.

Trek’s have been around for a long time. You may have heard of them. Zanesville Ohio’s 360 bike shop has Trek Bikes in stock and available for order. We believe in Trek as one of, if not the best in the world. Many of their bikes would take a best in class award if such…

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What is the difference between Men’s and Women’s bikes?

three sixty bike shop ohio – Comparing Men’s and Women’s bikes is easier then we think. Mainly, visually, the women’s bike typically has more of a girly look. They aren’t princess barbie bikes, but they typically choose colors that manly men wouldn’t prefer, but I’ve noticed that many women’s bikes have colorways that appeal to…


Bicycle technology works.

There’s a false adage people have about hi tech bicycle’s and parts. I’ve been in bike shops and heard a lot of it, but a youtube video sent me over the edge. The video has nothing to do with about what I’m going to write about, but for as worked up as I am over…

Jaime helping a customer find the correct saddle.

Saddle help at 360 bike shop

That’s a question we get about a lot of things, for example, “360? what’s that about?”. Well three sixty bike shop of Zanesville Ohio intends to cover everything bicycle. We have experience in all bikes and bicycles and have built a place for you to come and get the stuff you need. Now, back to…