503 Brighton BLVD, Zanesville, Ohio, 43701

We are a full-service bicycle station that has been operating since 2010. We have experience and maintain state of the art services. Our educational backgrounds give us the know how to successfully run one of the world's best bicycle repair services.

Check in Your Bike

To check your bike in, bring it right in through the front door and to the desk.
Wait for an associate and let us know what you need.  

Questions: Call 740 297 8580
To visit or write a letter: 503 Brighton BLVD, Zanesville, Ohio, 43701

Our Bicycle Shop
What to Expect from the Brands in Our Store

Our bicycle product lines are Three Sixty Bike Shop approved by high quality engineers and testers. We know what people do with bicycles and we know how important it is to have a built bicycle to ride, so things at our store really aren’t in question when it comes to if it’s a solid product or not.

We deal with industry leading brands.

We believe that bikes are as diverse as people and we want to help facilitate cycling in the best way possible, so we’re committed to having a diverse selection and catalog of bicycles available to meet a person’s needs.  

working on bikes
Our Services 

Our shop services specialize in full bike service, to deliver a 100% functional dependable bike and everything we do with your bike works to that goal. We offer individual system fixes separate from our tune up services. If you have a question about how much it cost to fix your bike, call us and tell us what is wrong with it or contact us via other means.

Some services can be completed to meet your time needs, others require the bike to be checked in, to get current time estimates contact us.

If you're a cross country cyclist in need of adventure repair please remove your bags before bringing your bike in.

What we offer

Full Tune Ups
Basic Tune Ups
Flat Repair
All other Problems

Our Tune Up’s Go over the entire bicycle to make sure it’s 100% safe to ride. Parts cost extra. Parts are only replaced if they cannot pass safety or function requirements. It’s always best to call and talk about what you need done.

We are a full-service bicycle station.  

Zanesville Cycling History

Zanesville had a bike shop as early as 1898 according to our research.

There’s been adventure riding since there’s been riding and in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s there were top level world Class cycling races held in Zanesville with different events sometimes still happening today.

With all this having already happened before Three Sixty Bike Shop opened in 2010, we are just another part of a long history of riding bicycles in this part of Ohio.

Would you like to hold a cycling race in Zanesville? Contact our local Public Service Director.  

Mountain Bike

503 Brighton BLVD, Zanesville, Ohio, 43701


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Lost or need rescued?
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From State Street in Zanesville, turn onto Brighton BLVD, arrive at 503 Brighton Blvd in
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