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So this morning, a young man walks in and needs his tube changed. He starts telling me a little about himself and where he is from. One cool thing, he shows up on a TREK. This is Courtney Bibb, he is from New York City and he is traveling, to, hmm, I forgot, far though,…

This is the Trek Lync of Zanesville Ohio. 740-297-8580. We can fix all your bicycle needs along with outfit your bicycle with the gear you're looking for. 

With a full selection of bicycle parts, bicycle accessories, as well as limited bicycle apparel.

We tighten spokes. Grease hubs. Adjust Shifters. Bend Derailleurs. Bleed Brakes. Sell bikes. 

We are your Zanesville Ohio Trek Distributor. 


Meet the capable Lync

The Lync is a capable bike. Efficient vehicular design coupled with a high performance drive train equals fun while performing daily task. A quick trip to the market is no problem. A basket attached to an interchange rack can haul less than 5 items with ease and secureness. Your college professor’s books. Your drywall jab saw.…

Comfortable Bikes at three sixty bike shop Zanesville Ohio

.Smooth Zanesville Bikes

We have them, in a size just for your height, because when it comes to comfort, fitting you is important. You’re no different from anyone else. You don’t aspire to sweat like Lance Armstrong, or desire to be the best at exercising. You want to go out, ride your bike and enjoy life. With the…

ISO Speed Pivot Point.

Trek Domane, 360 GUARANTEED

It’s pretty bold to guarantee how good a bike is, but with Trek’s Domane we don’t have to worry. The Domane is a road racing bike, a touring bike, a road bike or what a lot of people call a ten speed. The biggest thing to know about this bike is that Trek put you…


Insulated Water Bottles.

Having an insulated water bottle is like having shoes on your feet. Plus it’s good for any situation where you want a cold drink! Check out 12 dollar polar bottles today at the bike shop in Zanesville Ohio.


The Trek Cross Rip, The Ultimate Cyclo/Bike

When I think of the perfect bike for Zanesville Ohio and the people around Zanesville Ohio I think of a bike that can do everything. I imagine a bike that can take rough roads, chip and seal roads, gravel roads, smooth roads and offer great stability and durability. I imagine it being able to do…