American Family

So this morning, a young man walks in and needs his tube changed.

He starts telling me a little about himself and where he is from.

One cool thing, he shows up on a TREK.

This is Courtney Bibb, he is from New York City and he is traveling, to, hmm, I forgot, far though, across the country.


Each city he stops in he volunteers and works at a charity for 3 days. Also, he plans to raise 1,000 dollars for each of the charity’s he works at.

More than that, he makes an attempt to make a connection with the people he meets. He’s worked at the Ronald McDonald house scrubbing toilets. He talks to the families and shares their story. He says that they deserve as many prayers as they can get.

All the charities he goes to have a different purpose. The Columbus charities name is Tech Corps and in Cincinnati The Center for Respite care. He is visiting many other places. He believes in the charity’s mission statement.

Tech Corps helps keep kids technology advanced. Center for Respite offers assistance to homeless people being transferred out of hospitals.

You can help by donating.

Check him out on facebook.

As part of the human family, christian family and Trek family we helped out with new brake pads, bar tape, spare tubes and a full tune up.

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