Fuji Gran Fondo 3.0

Fuji’s Light.

ShareStop in and check out the Fuji Gran Fondo 3.0. Built for performance and endurance it’s sure to not only impress the bike geek but the wallet too. It’s almost as if this bike was built for Zanesville Ohio and not the tour de france. Three Sixty Bike Shop, 241 Market Street Downtown Zanesville.

light weight, nimble and comfortable. available with kickstand.

I just want a bike to ride.

ShareYou and everyone else! No, really. Most people don’t want to ride a bike for sport. Most people don’t ride a bike for sport. Most people like to go about, visit places, look a scenery, be with their family and get a little exercise in the mix. Our most popular bikes are bikes just for…

As we end summer.

Share This season has been good. We’ll be keeping the store up to date with the needs of our customers. It’s been a challenge to build this store from the ground up, but we’ve done it. In the world today a business like ours has to be ever evolving. For me, It’s been especially challenging.…