so what would your skull look like?

Helmet save life, factoid.

SharePeople come in, often, and asks “do I have to wear a helmet?”. The law says no, and that’s great. I usually tell people, if you’re comfortable where you’re riding and there are no cars and you’re not mountain biking you can make your own decision. That in case factor is there. In case I…

Market and 3rd Downtown

A bike that is fun.

ShareIs it possible for a bike to fun? Or is it that only fun can be had on a bike? Who knows. What is for certain is that Treks dual sport category is the perfect choice for the majority of us. When thinking about bikes, you need to think about it like you were purchasing…


Two way Streets

ShareOften, there’s so much talk about retail and marketing and how to improve sales. But personally, I despise it. To interact with another human only looking for clues as to what they want to buy is ridiculous behavior. The whole process sounds so robotic and programmed. The whole thing is called consumerism and I’m not…

Keeps you warm, Keeps you dry.

Fall Fashion Tip, Stay Warm

ShareLet’s face it, warm people look better. .Thumb holes allow for seamless integration with gloves.   Covers the neck. Has hood. Availible in Mens and Womens fit. It’s warm, it’s the first thing to go on. Great Fit, Great Function

customize your trek

design your TREK

ShareDesign your own TREK bike and have it sent to our store. From there we can follow it through to completion, build it, dial it in and give you a call. Like always, we stand behind all of our products and you can deal directly with us in the future.