3.00 a bottle.... keep riding.... #gameon

TLR your tires.

ShareTLR is a small bottle of sealant designed for tubeless tire systems. Going tubeless can be fun and a pain in the ass, however, it’s beauty is that you don’t have as much flat trouble typically. But now most tubes have a removable valve core whether they’re schrader or presta. When that valve core is…

Emonda ALR

Emonda ALR, best performance per dollar.

ShareA lot of people want top level performance and don’t want to go to top level dollar. Emonda ALR is that bike. The one pictured is full bird status. The frame’s materials and design are top level. The Shimano 11 speed 105 performs great and full of detail. This bike is light to boot. The…


Remedy 27.5

ShareLet’s say you want a sport bike. Like a real sport bike. Not a pocket rocket but a real dirt bike. You would expect something durable that’s going to hook up and not fall apart. Remedy 27.5 is that bike. Remedy cuts its own path through corners. It’s not a snow slow, but gives you…


Trek FX

ShareFX is a sport hybrid, created for everyone to ride on the pavement or indoors. Whether you want to ride around town, cruise a bike path or get a workout in this trek could provide the experience you’re looking for. Great trek for the price and value. Stop in today or shop online here: http://trekbikes.com/us/en_US/bikes/city-bikes/fitness-bikes/c/B420/?shop=216440

nice and gentle scrub now.

Clean your bike!

ShareWe take care of our stuff, we are Appalachians. I don’t know. But seriously, you just got a new bike, clean it. Not only does it help it stay nice it helps stop the spread of athletes foot. After you clean it, let it get dry, oil before ride, air the tires, check tightness and…