A lot of people make resolutions this time of year and we think that’s awesome. It’s good to want to improve in which ever manor you want to improve.

No matter your adventure a bicycle can help your journey and no matter who you are there is a bicycle for you. From traditional pedal power and sport bikes to electric assists bikes you’re covered.

Your fitness is a lot like building a block tower, it’s a piece by piece ordeal.

A lot of different things can motivate us, whether it’s simply getting out, doing something new or reaching a milestone. We’re here to help and support that journey through riding bikes. We’re glad, appreciative and happy to help and our industry offers an overwhelming amount of support, so feel free to talk to us about what you’re doing and we can help the best that we can.

Here are some events you might be able to look forward to:

Tour of the Scioto River Valley


Marietta River Rendevous

Rivers Trails and Ales Festival

AOA Muskingum Mayhem Enduro

OMBC Cross Country Mountain Bike Races

Calvins Challenge

USA Cycling Event Search

Ohio Cycling Calendar

Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure

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