A bike built for everyone: Trek Verve

That’s a bold statement, but this thing really is a great bicycle. Personally, I’ve rode a lot of different bikes. There are great qualities to each different one, but if I was going to recommend one bike to the general population, it would be the Verve.

Here are it’s key qualities:

Built to allow the rider an upright posture, this bike is fit for cruising.

It’s light and the craftsmanship is high quality, so it’s efficient and easy to move.

It has a wide range of gears for effortless climbing.

And the wide tires allow for more confidence while on your journey.

Start your journey today in store, call at 740-297-8580, or buy online here: http://trekbikes.com/us/en_US/bikes/city-bikes/recreation-bikes/verve/verve-1/p/1310000-2017/?shop=216440

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