A bike that is fun.

Is it possible for a bike to fun? Or is it that only fun can be had on a bike? Who knows. What is for certain is that Treks dual sport category is the perfect choice for the majority of us.

When thinking about bikes, you need to think about it like you were purchasing a car. Do I want a Ferrari or do I want a Hummer? You may want those things, but if that’s not the type of capability you’re looking for than a dual sport bike is for you.

Dual Sport bikes are designed to do everything. They go where you want. They’re well built, light weight bikes that conquer city sidewalks, gravel roads, bike paths, neighborhoods or whatever other terrain is around your house.

They’re not slow and they’re not heavy. They’re not uncomfortable. They’re a fun bike to ride without a purpose.

Available is sizes for everyone.

Market and 3rd Downtown
Market and 3rd Downtown

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