Take care of those hands!

Aside from the saddle, the biggest comfort question that I’m asked is about grips. Many people tend to have numbness in their hands, tingling in their arms and general discomfort in the handle bar area.

There is no “one size fits all” answer to this problem. Everyone is different and almost every bike is different. The best way to make improvements is to bring you and your bike in and show us what is bothering you.

However, some people have an idea about what the problem is. They just need more padding in the handlebar area. No matter what kind of bike you ride, there is a solution for better grip comfort.

This is a bar dampening system designed for road bikes with drop handlebars. It provides shock absorption at the points on your handlebars where there is the most pressure.

The key to all hand comfort on the bike is to relieve shock to the ulnar nerve.

This system is more comprehensive than other systems. Most other systems are gel. While gel is nice and jelly, it can be dispersed. This is a closed cell foam, which will last longer and absorb shock better. Also, gel systems are not contoured or adhesive, making installation more difficult and the fit less comprehensive. It comes with bar ends designed to reduce vibrations.

This system can be custom for where your hands are positioned on the handlebar.

The system itself is $24. If you’re going to have it installed and your bar tape is old, it is recommended that you replace the bar tape also. Bar tapes prices range from $14 to $39 and the dampening system will work with any bar tape.

Typically we would charge $10 to wrap handle bars, but if you were to buy the system and new tape we would charge $5.

Keep in mind that ergonomic grips are available for any bike.

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