As we end summer.

This season has been good. We’ll be keeping the store up to date with the needs of our customers. It’s been a challenge to build this store from the ground up, but we’ve done it. In the world today a business like ours has to be ever evolving.

For me, It’s been especially challenging. Hi, I’m Mike Brooks. Currently I’m 26 years old, married to Jaime Brooks who is, pregnant with our first child. We got married four years ago in Conowingo Maryland. Jaime works as Risk Operations Analyst of Electronic Money Movement at JP Morgan Chase, she has been there for 5 years.

Prior to starting Three Sixty Bike Shop, I worked at Bike Doctor. I started part time there at 18 and at 19 was full time employment. For some reason I’ve always wanted to build a bike shop. I’ve been riding a bicycle for as long as I can remember. At 6 I had my own Bike Shop, or until my mom found out I had inked “Mikes Bikes” on the shed.

I went to West Muskingum High School, and when most kids were thinking about college, I was thinking about what I wanted to build, a bike shop. I learned the ropes of business management at 18 at an Appliance Repair business and how to work a bike shop for the better part of my 20’s. Out of High School, I enrolled into a Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship course, but quickly found it was of little use…. I mean, boy, did I get a lot of bike riding done!

I do love my wife and I do love riding my bike, so working and building the bike shop has been a task, but we’ve done it.

Nothing has contributed to the success of the bike shop as much as the customers. Without customers, a business cannot prosper. Without Business a town can’t prosper. And a town is where we live.

Internet competition is no longer what it used to be and department stores are flooding the market with cheaper cost of product. A lower cost of production means a product made out of cheaper materials with less management. The devaluation of their product increases their sales against ours.

We have to build Quality and Service.

This coming year we’re going to prioritize our service department and ensure that we have a quality product line up.

Anson Michael Brooks
Shop Builder @ threesixty Bike SHOP

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