Road Biking

Road Riding can be easy, but physically demanding, depending on what kind of person your are. If you’re out for a Sunday stroll that’s one thing and if you’re out riding the road like a course to achieve new times and speed that’s another.

Knowing how to use a bike, shifting and braking is a nice skill to have for road riding, but these skills aren’t too mission critical. The first thing you need to do before riding on the road is to be able to ride in straight line and as close tothe side of the road as possible without being scared. If you can’t hold a line and be completely confident on your bike you may have no business riding on the road and this tip is so important.

Next is knowing and obeying traffic law, really that should read understand your just a person using the road, much like you are when you’re in a car, ride your bike in the same manor in which you drive. Don’t get too upset at other people if they don’t seem to be respecting you as you feel they should, it’s nothing against you because you’re on a bike, they wouldn’t respect you if you were in a car. Pick low traffic routes, avoid stop lights.

Be visible, having sufficient lighting is everything. These may not seem like tips but they are.

Now onto riding. Start out slow and build speed but never go too deep until you know what you’re doing. Many routes around are going to feature up and down terrain and the ups require energy and you don’t want to be worn out before you get there. When climbing you need to use your gears before it get’s hard. Climbs can be longer than you think, harder than you think and spending your fuel wisely is important. Pacing too high while climbing can blow you up and slow you down overall, it’s better to be able to have power through out the course

Don’t expect too much fitness too quickly, fitness on the road bike builds over time. Stay calm and don’t be afraid to try whatever method of pedaling you feel like, as you fatigue it’s ok to recruit new muscle groups into action. Work on your fitness, being stronger is everything on the road.

Have good tires with no damage and the skill of changing a flat, or keep a cell phone and a loved one handy.