Setting Saddle Height

Measure from the ground, with the shoes you ride in, to the bone between your legs. Once you have that measurement, set the seat below the measurement, measuring from the top of the pedal at it’s lowest position to the top of the seat.

Setting saddle the saddle height like this should optimize your power, keep your knees safe and allot you to touch the ground fairly comfortably.

Commonly people ride the saddle too high, the negative to that is that you loose a lot of your power, engage too much of the calf’s and problems with how you interact with the front end.

Raising your saddle always feels like you’re doing the right thing because you engage less leg muscles, which feels easier, but it tends to cramp the calved and one leg muscle on the inside of the leg near the knee.

There are always exceptions, but this method should work for most people on any type of bike.