Bicycle technology works.

There’s a false adage people have about hi tech bicycle’s and parts. I’ve been in bike shops and heard a lot of it, but a youtube video sent me over the edge. The video has nothing to do with about what I’m going to write about, but for as worked up as I am over it I’m going to have to have a public say about it.

In all honesty, his point is accurate, not everyone needs an expensive bike. I agree with that 100%. However, the narrator mindlessly compares an $11,000 bike to a $650 bike, while basically saying there’s no real difference.

To discount serious engineering, ingenuity and the hard work of bike riders and people who makes is absolute ridiculousness.

Again, a $650 dollar bike is very good. Because it’s very good it doesn’t mean that expensive bikes or bike parts aren’t worth it.

Here’s an example; DSC03434

This is a Bontrager R3 tire with a deep cut in the rubber. The Bontrager R3 is a $70 tire. Tires this size start at $12.

This tire’s tube never punctured.  Why? Because of Hard Case Lite technology. This is basically a belt that runs through the middle of the tire to stop anything from going all the way through and puncturing the tube. These belts vary in thickness in different models.

Untitled drawing (7) (1)

The moral of the story, when buying something at a bike shop, and the geek helping you is going on and on about what makes something better, believe them, they’re not just lying to you so that you will be more expensive stuff that is not better.  In the bicycle world, more expensive stuff is better 90% of the time because of better materials and design. Somethings are a complete rip off and that’s why at 360 bike shop we keep an eye on all our products.

This tire saved me from walking home. It’s great, the stuff we have in 2014.

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