Pro Tune Up $150

Over the summer we tried to rename our Pro Tune Up, but it didn’t stick. And now thinking about it, it is Pro. If you’re in the woods constantly or putting the miles in on the road the Pro Tune Up is a great package to get your ride ready for the upcoming summer.

We guarantee results. We will disassemble your bike, hand clean and service everything to the highest standard. We will then put your bike back together with fresh cables and/or brake fluid. The base cost of this service is $150. It is time consuming, it is a lot of work and it is well worth it. If you’re on a road bike you will have to get new bar tape. Which fresh tape is good.

At this price the cables are not included. What is not included would be any worn out part. It’s not our goal to stack parts on to this, it’s our goal to service them, but some things cannot be serviced. Commonly we notice things like brake pads or chains and cassettes. We’ll be straight up about the performance you will gain be replacing anything worn.

We have been doing this service for years and have amazed people even our own mechanic reaffirmed his faith recently “I thought I was being a maintenance freak before, but after doing the Pro tune up I couldn’t believe how much better the bike worked.”

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