Bike to Work for a Whole Week?




May is national bike month! Every year, one week during this month is devoted to encouraging employed persons to make their commute to the work place on bicycle. This year, May 12th – 16th are the lucky dates.

Being living, working, tired parents, we understand how hard it can be to make the commitment to such an adventure. Here are some common objections to why you can’t ride to work for an entire week, and some simple tips to overcome them:

Bad Weather – This can be overcome with the right clothing. Certain fabrics can block wind, rain and wick away moisture, keeping you pretty comfortable. There’s a correct piece of clothing no matter what season you choose to ride in.

Dirty Clothing/Body – For those who need to wear a suit or other nice attire to the office, sweat and mud soiling your clothing can be a problem. Regular bike commuters bring the weeks worth of clothing to the office on Fridays, then change from their riding apparel once they arrive on Monday morning, or even after they’ve taken a shower at a nearby health club. Some gyms offer a shower only discounted membership, or a daily shower fee. Another way to combat sweat is to give yourself a few extra minutes so you don’t have to push it and get sweaty in the first place.


Commute is Too Far – Up to a 15 mile one-way commute can be faster by bike than by car. Avoiding traffic jams and merges into slow traffic can really save time. Another option is to drive to a convenient place to park and finish your commute on bike from there.

No Bike Parking – Ask your employer if there’s a spot for your bike in a basement or utility closet. Or maybe you can stash it in the friend’s car who you couldn’t convince to ride to work with you.

If you’re still not convinced you can take the dive and ride to work for the whole week, try to get some coworkers together and ride to work on Friday the 16th, National Ride to Work Day.


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