The bikes we sell in our store are important to us. We have selected Trek as our mainline because of their continued dedication to make best in class products that are relatively the same costs as lower quality products. We want to look you in the eye and it be a true statement when we tell you it’s one of the best products you can get with your money.

We go through lengths to makes sure that our bikes are built right out of the box, so our store doesn’t offer a free tune up, because you don’t need it when you shop with us.

From our point of view you can trust our expertise, we’re not just run of the mill people who run a bicycle business. Our proprietor has been on a bicycle since being a toddler and as a child owned and rode and repaired department store bikes, also this person rode freestyle BMX for a decade, pushing a bike to limits, learning the significance of material, craftsmanship as well as what bike can and cannot do. That’s not all though, they have also have rode mountain bikes and road bikes at a high level. This experience allows our shop to give well thought out advice and knowledge.