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Cycling has been around since almost the beginning of bicycles and today’s road bikes are a result of all that knowledge and experience. Cycling can be whatever someone wants it to be and there are bikes made to specialize in certain styles of riding. The general idea of road bikes are typically the same with small changes to fine tune different experiences. Feel free to stop in or call to talk about your needs.

Touring Bikes–  Touring Bikes can be broken down into two categories, Standard and Touring Specific. Generally any road bike is designed for repeated long trips with touring specific bikes are built for more durability and cargo capacity. A standard touring bike would be lighter weight with cargo capacity not as important.

Sport Bikes- Sport Bikes are still standard touring bikes at heart however they’re built for performance and have certain performance characteristics. They’re offered in Aluminium and Carbon models. Sport bikes are built to specialize in styles of riding so they have different defining attributes such as aerodynamics, lightweight and endurance.

Cross Bikes- Cross Bikes have a few different bikes in the category. There are bikes that are specifically tailored to riding off road, riding gravel roads and a model that is designed to do it all. There is a sport called cyclocross that the off road bikes are tailored too. Some people enjoy the adventure and low traffic of gravel roads and some people want a bike that can race cyclocross, ride gravel roads and be a touring bike.

Electric Bikes- Electric Road Bikes are built between a cross bike and a touring bike. While they are much heavier than any bike, they also have a pedal assisted motor which is a different experience.

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We stock men’s and women’s entry level road bikes for sizing and can work with sporting customers comfortably.

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