Electric assist bikes exist in a couple of different manners and we deal with two main types. The style that seems to take the cake in experience, looks and overall function are pedal assist style bikes. Pedal assist bikes have the motor and the battery mounted mid frame and precisely output power according to your input of pedal power. This isn’t a system that you can add to your bike as the motor requires a custom installation point on the frame.

Check out our pedal assist electric bikes here and here. They are offered in hybrid models, mountain bike models, road bike models, and commuter models, and some of them can overlap in purpose.

The alternate style is a hub drive motor that works mostly by throttle. Hub drive motors have a motor in the  wheel and a battery that fits on a rack, which can be added to nearly any bike. There are pros to  hub drive. Feel free to stop in or contact us.

We have models in store available for test riding so that you can understand how the motor system functions. Pedal assist bikes are fun and open up a world of possibilities.

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