Hybrid Bikes

There are many different types of hybrids with many different specifications and we can help you narrow it down based off of how you’re going to ride. Hybrids handle versatility great but don’t excel in any one category other than versatility which is what makes them great. We are going to address common types we find that fit into most peoples specifications, however, it’s always easier to talk to us in person about what you’re going to do and we can make recommendations based off that in hopes of not over complicating things.

Off Road capable hybrids are designed to be used on the pavement, but handle any off road terrain such as gravel roads and light duty trails. They typically have a wider tire with mildly aggressive tread, suspension forks and geometry that supports stable riding in diverse terrain. What makes them hybrids is their efficiency on pavement and accessorize adaptation which allow them to work for exercise, commuting or cruising. The Trek DS and Neko are great bikes with a number of specifications for every type of rider demand.

Pavement hybrids are designed to ride mainly on the pavement and can handle off road terrain, but they are not designed to support it. The geometry is aimed at a more efficient pedaling position. The tires are smooth and efficient. Efficiency is a goal so they are built to be light yet strong enough for exercise and commuting. There are two models in particular that fall into this category being the Trek FX and the Trek Verve. The FX is built more for lightweight performance and the Verve is built more for lightweight comfort.

Other hybrids include road style hybrids. Road style hybrids are numerous, but are mainly built in likeness to a road bike in terms of geometry and performance but have different components that allow them to be daily commuters, navigate gravel roads and light trail use.

Electric bikes are hybrids of bicycles and are offered in nearly every configuration we’ve talked about.

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