Mountain Bikes

Mountain Biking is diverse, it can be done in many different ways and the bikes themselves are very versatile. Mountain Bikes can be built for specific sport applications and also general use. Feel free to stop in or call to talk about your needs.

Cross Country Bikes- Cross Country Mountain Bikes are built with geometry to allow the rider to get power out efficiently, ride aggressively and be light weight. The bikes are plenty durable but they aren’t designed for heavy jumping use. They are available in different types, Full Suspension, Hard Tail and IsoSpeed.

Trail BikesTrail Mountain Bikes are built to be the most versatile mountain bikes and the geometry is as neutral as can be without sacrificing handling but allowing a more comfortable body position. The bikes aren’t too light or too heavy, allowing it to be used in a cross country scenario or light jumping but doesn’t really excel in those categories. Most anything could be considered a trail bike, but in general, they’re not event specific bikes. They are offered in Full Suspension, Hard Tail and Plus Size Tired models.

Enduro Bikes-  Enduro Mountain Bikes are very similar to full suspension trail bikes with slightly different geometry that allows the bike to be more stable at higher speeds, as they’re meant to go fastest on the downhill section of the trail. Also, the bikes are typically a little more beefy than a standard trail bike and have more suspension travel which makes these models more suited for jumping. Most commonly they are only offered in full suspension but some riders have found a plus size tired hard trail works well in this application.

Downhill Bikes- Downhill Mountain Bikes are nearly solely purposed for riding down hills at high speeds and jumping the big jumps. The geometry is fully tailored to how the bike will handle going down hill really fast, the components are as strong as they can get short of being tank grade and they have the most suspension travel of all bikes.

Electric Bikes- Electric Mountain Bikes are trail bikes offered in Full Suspension and Hard Tail, they’re not designed for jumping or racing. The motor is pedal assist so it is still riding a bike but with a helper, so no matter the reason you may want some assistance these pedal assisted mountain bikes open the trail up to all kinds of people.

General Purpose Bikes-  General Purpose Mountain Bikes are fully capable off road machines but do not particularly excel in sport category riding. The geometry is neutral and the build is durable but not suited for heavy jumping use. Most times these bikes offer some added versatility with rack mounts and lower profile knob tires, so while it’s a mountain bike designed for riding off road it’s also envisioned to do whatever you want. These bikes are typically lower price point than sport bikes.

Plus Size Tire Bikes- Plus Size Tire Mountain Bikes are pretty much trail bikes with tires typically ranging from 2.8″ to 5″ wide. Some of the widest tires are used for riding in the snow, a muddy trail or sand while the ones that aren’t so wide are used for general purpose off road riding. Wide tires offer comfort, stability, safety and durability. They work well for beginners and experienced riders and different applications.

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