Finding Your Bike

We believe there are bikes out there that fit each person’s unique needs, and we want to help you find yours. We’re great with first time buyers and also well versed in performance and upgrades and understand everything that can along with biking. We have easy methods to get sizing correct. 

We guarantee you’re bike is assembled right the first time, which lessens needed maintenance. We stand behind our products and will resolve any issues to the best of our abilities.

We can answer all your questions and concerns, as well as offer advice. Our goal is to be there for you, and we’ll likely treat you like an old friend, no matter what your cycling needs.

We stock off road bikes, on road bikes, fitness bikes, comfort bikes, children’s bikes… pretty much everything but recumbents, but we can order those!. We offer what we believe to be the best line of bicycles, Trek, as well as a few others, and all the accessories you may need. From beginner to high end, we can honestly find you what you need and want.

Bikes are ready to go and anythingvnot in stock only takes 2 business days to process.
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