Introducing: Post Ride Care

SharePost Ride Care will now be offered at a cost of $19.95. This care is to be done after your epic ride to ensure the preservation and restored performance of your ride. Zanesville Ohio Bike Shop


Trek Madone: King of the road bikes.

ShareA lot of times, the mystique where’s off on the latest and greatest because a lot of times the latest and greatest isn’t what we thought it would be, this bike however is something to be excited about. It comes from long lineage, and is culminated in this package. It takes a lot of resources…


Cycling to build a healthier body.

ShareWho’s ultimately in control of you? You are. You can make the choices you want to make to be happy. Cycling could be a part of that. So take control and pick up a bike. More and more, the top people of different sports are taking to cycling for their physical training. It seems as…

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Maintenance time!

ShareSo the idea is that you want to ride your bike and that’s it. You don’t want to have to worry about it working properly, failing you or anything like that. That’s because you’re intelligent. Even if you’re handy, you’re not a professional bike mechanic. We have one of those. Even in bike shop’s it’s…

You have to start somewhere and where you start can be a long way from where you're going.


ShareA lot of people make resolutions this time of year and we think that’s awesome. It’s good to want to improve in which ever manor you want to improve. No matter your adventure a bicycle can help your journey and no matter who you are there is a bicycle for you. From traditional pedal power…


BMX – Bicycle Moto Cross

ShareBMX has been around for awhile, kids everywhere love riding BMX bikes. Freestyle BMX is one of the hardest sports there is. These bikes can be jumped, raced or whatever and are a lot of fun for kids 10-16 with some riding them into adulthood. They’re not department store bikes either, the retail a little…

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Kids mountain bikes!

ShareAvailable in 20 inch wheels to 24 with a few different options along the way these bikes are dialed in their geomtry, built with no sacrifice in what the kid needs and no extra weight. Capable. Kids bikes at bike shops do retail a little higher, but what you get for the difference is amazing.…


Kids Pavement, girls and boys!

ShareThe kids pavement bikes are designed to be their first bike, whether it’s 12 16 or 20 inch wheels. The smaller versions have integrated storage for fruit bars, toys or any household item. Girls comes with baskets which is gender inequality. 12 and 16 come with training wheels. 20 is built to go as far…

3.00 a bottle.... keep riding.... #gameon

TLR your tires.

ShareTLR is a small bottle of sealant designed for tubeless tire systems. Going tubeless can be fun and a pain in the ass, however, it’s beauty is that you don’t have as much flat trouble typically. But now most tubes have a removable valve core whether they’re schrader or presta. When that valve core is…

Emonda ALR

Emonda ALR, best performance per dollar.

ShareA lot of people want top level performance and don’t want to go to top level dollar. Emonda ALR is that bike. The one pictured is full bird status. The frame’s materials and design are top level. The Shimano 11 speed 105 performs great and full of detail. This bike is light to boot. The…