Remedy 27.5

ShareLet’s say you want a sport bike. Like a real sport bike. Not a pocket rocket but a real dirt bike. You would expect something durable that’s going to hook up and not fall apart. Remedy 27.5 is that bike. Remedy cuts its own path through corners. It’s not a snow slow, but gives you…


Trek FX

ShareFX is a sport hybrid, created for everyone to ride on the pavement or indoors. Whether you want to ride around town, cruise a bike path or get a workout in this trek could provide the experience you’re looking for. Great trek for the price and value. Stop in today or shop online here: http://trekbikes.com/us/en_US/bikes/city-bikes/fitness-bikes/c/B420/?shop=216440

nice and gentle scrub now.

Clean your bike!

ShareWe take care of our stuff, we are Appalachians. I don’t know. But seriously, you just got a new bike, clean it. Not only does it help it stay nice it helps stop the spread of athletes foot. After you clean it, let it get dry, oil before ride, air the tires, check tightness and…


Ur bike had to go to rehab.

ShareAnd I said yes. There are good bikes and trash bikes but most bikes are not consumables. Most bikes can be rehabbed for 200 or less. This price can include wheels, tires, tubes, rim strips, cables and chain. There are a lot of bikes floating around out there and commonly it’s worth it to put…


A bike built for everyone: Trek Verve

ShareThat’s a bold statement, but this thing really is a great bicycle. Personally, I’ve rode a lot of different bikes. There are great qualities to each different one, but if I was going to recommend one bike to the general population, it would be the Verve. Here are it’s key qualities: Built to allow the…



ShareThis Trek can do it all, capable of taking you on a journey. Whether you want to ride cross country journeys, camping adventures or endurance events this Trek is the ride. See the possibilities today: http://trekbikes.com/us/en_US/search/?text=stache?shop=216440 Here are some photos of the demo model:


Shoes You Bake?

ShareYes, bake. Like little feet cookies. And not only do you bake them, but the Bontrager RXL road shoe is a 12 on the stiffness scale, which is better than 11. We recently had the pleasure of customizing Mike’s insoles. Here’s how it went down… To get started, we needed to read the directions. Since…

Superior to all other brands.

So you want to ride a road bike.

ShareWe think that’s cool. We want a road bike too. They’re fun. Cycling is fun. We feature the brand of Trek Bikes. Trek is a family business that is number one in the bicycle industry. Trek is heavily invested in cycling and they have a range of vehicles for different types of motors. There are…

neko 3

Trek Neko: The Perfect Hybrid

Share Calling all ladies looking for a bike with versatility – the Trek Neko is your perfect hybrid. A cross between a mountain bike and a town cruiser, this bike has the stability and comfort to cater to your choice of terrain. It’s a great bike for the mountain biking mom, who needs a bike to…