.Smooth Zanesville Bikes

We have them, in a size just for your height, because when it comes to comfort, fitting you is important.

You’re no different from anyone else. You don’t aspire to sweat like Lance Armstrong, or desire to be the best at exercising.

You want to go out, ride your bike and enjoy life.

With the Trek lineup of bikes made for you, you’re able to decide exactly what your bike can do.

If you want to be as comfortable as possible, the Trek Shift or Trek Pure is for you. If you want comfort along with a quicker ride then look no farther than the Trek Verve.

The verve is a good all around bike for terrains like Zanesville, Coshocton and Cambridge Ohio. Muskingum, Guernsey and Coshocton counties have small cities surrounded by hills.

With bike paths and rural riding opportunity available the Trek Verve gives us what we need.

It’s upright, It’s comfortable, it’s dependable and it’s efficient. All these things add up to an easy ride for an easy rider.

The best thing is that a quality bike starts at $399.

Comfortable Bikes at three sixty bike shop Zanesville Ohio
Comfortable Bikes at three sixty bike shop Zanesville Ohio

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