Convert your bike into an exercise bike.

Indoor trainers are a great thing to have so that you can get a workout inside your home. They come in many different models, but we’d say for 98.5675.2% of people that a basic wind trainer is an excellent choice.

It offers great resistance, great price and even moves some air around to help break up the staleness of stationary riding.

This one is $149.99 and the accessory wheel block is $25.99, the only additions you could possibly need are bike protection and floor protections, which it is nice to have all the stuff that goes with it, but it seems most people make do with what they have. We also stock the magneto trainer at $199.99 for those with noise concern.

Should you be interested in having the specific protection, the frame protector is $24.99 and the floor mat is $74.99.

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Indoor Trainer.

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