Indoor trainers are a great thing to have so that you can get a workout inside your home. They store easy when not in use and convert your bike into an exercise bike.  The most important thing you need to know about trainers is that they have something called a power curve. Some trainers cannot offer resistance as the wheel speed increases, this limits your workout and progression.

There are two basic categories of trainers, Regular and Smart.

Regular trainers do not use electromagnetic resistance and do not broad cast blue tooth power out put readings.

Cheap trainers don’t have a good power curve which leaves a lot to be desired. The power curve is how much resistance the trainer can provide as the wheel speed increases. It’s important to have a good power curve so that you can train in power to weight ratio intervals.

We deal mainly in many different brands. When you shop with us be assured that we have done all the research and testing to know that we’re offering great products.

A  good trainer starts around $149-179 with smart trainers being around $379, $499 and up. Smart trainers are great investments because they are there year after year and can be paired with fitness apps. While there is an advantage to having a smart trainer with power readings, a regular trainer can suffice and offer the same high quality workouts, one just has to be more acute with the way they track data and improvement.

You don’t need any add ons but there are bike and floor protectors, which serve as a barrier from sweat you’ll be dripping as well as tablet stands, leveling blocks and we recommend a fan. We stock most anything you would need to get started.

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Indoor Trainer.
Here is a wind trainer, which provides great resistance. It uses the air, which is nice to create air movement but does produce noise.

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