Can I ride in the winter?

Yes. If you want to.

It’s actually not bad, especially with the clothing that is available.

It starts with a will to want to do it.

Then you need a good pair of gloves and shoe covers. These two items protect your most vulnerable spots.

Once that’s established you need to layer depending on how cold it is.

The top.

Sometimes, in really cold I wear a moisture wicking short sleeve shirt. Moisture wicking is key to be not wet and cold.

Personally I have a Bontrager Base layer long sleeve with a hood. I typically start there. It’s fabric is designed to wick away moisture and trap in heat. The hood is great for me, because I don’t like the back of my neck exposed and it the front part of the hood can zip up over your mouth. Also, it has thumb holes, those allow it to transition perfectly with the glove not allowing it to ride up and exposing your skin.

Then I’ll add a standard summer jersey on top.

Then a jacket that is wind proof.

You’ll be surprised, because your body will generate heat as you work, so the biggest key is keeping it in.

The legs.

Typically, I’ll wear underwear, which is uncommon in cycling shorts, then leg warmers, then cycling shorts.

This is just how I do it.

Available are winter tights and pants that will certainly help, I just choose to layer based off my budget and the flexibility of temperature.


For sure, WOOL SOCKS and shoe covers. Numb toes are scary.

Things to stay away from are things like flannels, I thought this was a good idea, but it got really wet from sweat and made me colder.

As far as riding itself, I wouldn’t recommend long rides. Being out there for 17 minutes can feel like 40 minutes.

Myths, you can ride a road bike on ice, just don’t lean and always keep your balance.

If you ride MTB know that you will be in for slow speeds and will hardly ever gain momentum.

It’s actually a lot of fun and when summer comes you’ll be a monster on your bike.

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