Cycling, An Adventure based on Traveling.

Cycling has been around for over a hundred years now, and while it’s not global societies peanut butter and jelly it is something that people do and enjoy.

It can be confusing to be new in Cycling, particularly because of the need to gear up. With the internet someone can convince you the earth is flat or that Katy Perry is Jon Benet Ramsey so picking your bike gear can be a chore.

In the picture we have the perfect example of cycling equipment, we have a person who had a chance to ride at 9:30 am on a Wednesday while it was 48 ish F and sunny.

So the first thing is to be warm, so the first thing you need are thermal tights, a base layer,  a jacket and gloves. This will be the most basic needs for the body. Other than that there is the new wavecel helmet for safety and the clip in shoes for efficiency and power.

Next, safety on the bike are 3 ounces of day time running lights, visible from an actual mile in the day time.

With these things, as long as the bike is tuned up and has good tires it is ready to be ridden which is the fun part. This is where physically you need to be prepared, not only to meet with the elements but also strong enough to enjoy the time.

A nice bike with the right set up can be a lot of fun and thankfully cycling isn’t instant gratification. It’s fun, healthy work that impacts brain and body health. It can lower pollution and alleviate traffic.

It can be done many different ways, it can be raced and toured, but it’s one of the last true adventures when it comes to traveling.

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