Dual Sport and Neko

Dual Sport and Neko are the same bike in terms of purpose, but Neko is Female specific geometry and saddling.

The models range from $479 to $1069 and all feature Alpha Gold Aluminum frames. Alpha Gold isn’t Trek’s starting point in aluminium and is lightweight and high quality. Not all pieces of aluminium are created equal and using better aluminium makes for a more rigid frame that allows the component that are being used to function better. The tubing is also formed in specific shapes to tune the frame to ride well as well as save weight. Learn more about aluminium here. Upgraded drives trains and components are made out of stronger materials allowing them to work better under pressure and stay adjusted properly much longer.

The model is designed to be the ultimate hybrid to a degree. All models come with 38 mm wide tires that keep the bike feeling responsive and quick on the pavement and the tread offers traction in loose terrain, such as gravel roads.

They’re built like light duty mountain bikes and all models are equipped with suspension forks and disc brakes, for light duty trail riding. This allows the bike to be the go to choice for someone who wants to occasionally light duty mountain bike but yet have a bike that is good for bike path fitness and short range trips.

The bike can be outfitted with a rack system, lighting and smart sensors. Racks give the ability to hold all kinds of different storage devices for all kinds of different purposes, such as long trip supplies, grocery store bags and baskets.

As the model line advances in price, so does the braking, fork operation and drive train quality. These advancements can make for a lighter more efficient and durable ride.

The bike has a long base which makes it more stable in non pavement situations. It also has a fair amount of frame stack that allows the handlebars to sit hire, providing a fairly neutral, slightly up right position.

Dual Sport and Neko Zanesville Ohio Bicycles

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