Electra Townie

Townie comes in Women’s and Men’s models along with a diverse selection of options. All Townies are aluminum framed and feature Electra’s flat foot technology which allows a person to get their needed leg extension while also being able to plant their feet flat on the ground. The positioning also creates a very upright atmosphere with relaxed joint angles.

The base model Townie features one gear. Other models feature 7 or 21 gears selections with built in rack options, fenders, dynamo powered running lights and motors. The Townie can be used for a variety of styles of riding with it’s main terrain preference being pavement.

The models without fenders and lights can be adapted if needed but come without those accessories for the person who’s looking for a comfortable stylish cruise type of ride. The models with fenders and lights make the bike a great riding short range vehicle.

The bike itself is efficient and of good quality and these features will ensure you consistently arrive .And with each model typically coming in a variety of colors and styling with after market accessories that allow you to add to and customize your ride.

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