Everything you need to know about your Mountain Bike Purchase.

First, let’s make clear price ranges.

  1. A beginner Mountain bike is actually pretty cool and is more than sturdy enough to start mountain biking. These sell for $339. They are 26″ wheeled front suspension bikes that are capable of navigating through the woods.
  2. A Mid Range Mountain bike is very cool and can with stand sport level riding. These sell for $549. They are 29″ wheeled bikes with disc brakes and are capable machines for athletic people. 
  3. An Entry Level Sport Grade Mountain bike is built tough enough to withstand race situations. These bikes sell for $949. They are 29″ wheeled bikes with sport level components. They can withstand the rigors of fast riding as well as perform well.
  4. An Entry Level Race bike can handle full on fun mode. It is fully capable of performing at a high level.  It’s built well enough to hit all the rocks, jump all the jumps and keep doing it. This bike sells for $1549 and is a hardtail 29er with an air fork and performance level components.
  5. An Entry Level Full Suspension Bike is the key to too fun mode. It performs at a high level and handles the trail, so all you have to do is hang on. These sell for $1979 and are the bomb. 29″ Wheels do everything, there is no terrain you will encounter they cannot handle.

From there bikes can go up to there based on your needs as a rider. Nicer bikes are available and capable with the latest technology in the bicycle world , prices have exceeded $15,000 for full highest tech available.

Treks technology is some of the best available. They put their money where their mouth is and hire true professionals to design, test and build their bikes. That hard work is put into every single bike they build.

What to know about the bikes.


  • Front Suspension bikes absorbs all incoming terrain but doesn’t account for the rear wheel. At higher speeds the rider is required to do more work. 26″ wheeled front suspension bikes are capable of navigating the woods but are limited at high speeds. 29″ wheeled front suspension bikes are capable of higher speeds and can perform at the highest level.
  • Full Suspension Bikes absorb all terrain. At higher speeds they require the rider to do less work. 26″ wheeled full suspension bikes can perform at the highest level. 29″ wheeled full suspension mountain bike can handle all the terrain and situations you will encounter while riding fast better than any other combination.

Wheel Size

  • 26″ wheels have been the golden standard and are still capable performers. They have conquered all terrains for years and are still suitable today.
  • 27.5″ wheels are basically high end sport 26″ wheels. Think of it on a modern sport bike as the new 26″.
  • 29″ wheels are the superior choice for navigating off road terrain. They’re not required to have fun, but they monster truck so well.

Three Sixty Bike Shops own experiences. Nice 26″ wheeled mountain bikes with disc brakes are capable of performing at a high level. They require more work and more skill to ride for sport, but it has been done for decades.

29″ wheeled bikes are the new norm and are pretty set up in the modern world. They can perform at high levels and high speeds.

We have personally ridden many different types of bikes with different configurations, wheel sizes and more. We have tested many different bikes in many situations on many occasions and found out how much one can expect from a bike.

Our personal favorite this month, the Trek Fuel Ex 7.






The Trek Fuel Ex 7 is a performer for fast descents, flat trail and climbing. It’s suspension has 3 settings, descend, trail and climb. With a switch of a button one can adjust their shocks to the terrain they’re navigating. The rear shock has what is called DRCV, which when the shock encounters high pressure it opens a second chamber to absorb the hit. The front shock is made by FOX, a world leader in shock design, functions in a smooth fluid manor.

The Active Pivot in the Braking system relieves the rear end of torque and stops the rear wheel from bouncing while braking hard. It’s like traction control for the rear shock.

The rear end Fully Floats via the EVO Link Suspension System. This neutralizes the main frame from unnecessary impact, allowing the bike to maneuver in a more predictive manor.

The drive train performs and the bike can be classified too much fun.

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