Fixies: Not Just for Hipsters

And I should know. I’m not a hipster and I’m all about mine. Okay, I might be half hipster. But what is hipster anyway?

Perhaps I should be more specific and say that fixies aren’t just for the characters in the movie Premium Rush. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, YouTube the tailor and prepare for some U.S. Grade AA cheese. Cheddar, to be exact.

So, for those in the know, fixie is the affectionate term we use to refer to a fixed gear bicycle. In other words, a bike that has a single-gear and no freewheel. Which means that when the bike is propelled forward or backwards the pedals will always be moving. And for me, that’s where the fun comes in.

Because the pedals never stop and the power you put down on them is transferred directly to the wheel, you need less energy to move a fixie than a geared bike. So gaining speed on these things is not only easy, but fun in the scary adrenaline rush kind of way, because when you stop pedaling, you, well… don’t. Ok, so once you get used to it the adrenaline rush goes away, but it’s still fun. And going down a hill high enough that your feet blow off the pedals from the crazy fast rotation can still get sketchy enough for a happy fright.

Besides that excitement, I find the ever-moving pedals handy when trying to keep up with Mike. Especially when he was the only one weighted down with a kid.


Not only does the single fixed gear mean low maintenance, weight and chain-wear compared to geared bike,


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