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Today’s weather was nice and downtown was really popping near sunset.

The light is really amazing at Zane Landing bike trail in Zanesville Ohio.

We left the bike shop a little after six and rode our bicycles down the bike path to Riverside park. I rode my Torker U-District with grocery baskets and child carrier and my wife rode a restored 70’s concord 10 speed.

Ryan with his family's bikes!
Ryan with his family’s bikes!

Huckels was excited to ride his bike along with the rest of the family. Earlier in the day while photographing a women’s dual sport bike, I saw Ryan leaving the bike path and he stopped, all smiles and was telling me how his family just got done riding the bike path.

It’s really an amazing feature for Zanesville. The landscape could be great if there weren’t so much overgrowth between the river and the trail. And, the path is in view to the interstate 70 traffic. It’s would be great to really see that place at it’s full potential, with the world able to look upon it.

The bike path was filled with family’s walking and people jogging. We arrived at Kidsville and their were a lot of young family’s there. Before getting there my wife raced myself and my son to a yellow sign. She beat us…

Huckels played and then we headed back. The wind was sturdy against us. I pretended I was trying to deliver my wife to the finish line to win the race and pulled us at a good pace. That’s all cycling talk.

Then we ran into Timothy and his family. Timothy rides a BMX bike for sport and his youngest brother was riding it on the bike path.

Nearing the end of trail, Jaime and I got into a race again. She jumped on me and Huckels and opened up about a 8 sec gap. Just big enough I had to face the wind alone, too far to draft. She was going strong and we weren’t gaining, but when she slowed down to overtake traffic she couldn’t get it back up and we were able to secure the victory. That’s more cycling talk.

We had so much fun, everyone was all smiles. I wonder if my son understands winter now. I wonder if animal fat/grease would make good chain lube. I wonder if we could get some community service to clean up our community!

I’m so excited to wake up tomorrow.

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