Helmet save life, factoid.

People come in, often, and asks “do I have to wear a helmet?”. The law says no, and that’s great. I usually tell people, if you’re comfortable where you’re riding and there are no cars and you’re not mountain biking you can make your own decision.

That in case factor is there. In case I go end over end I will need a helmet. That possibility exists for anyone on a bike. In all reality, most people don’t wreck and aren’t in extreme situations.

What should be considered an extreme situation? I’m not the judge, but off road riding, on road riding with traffic, around town riding with traffic, bmx stunt riding, elderly riding (no offense, you know you’re old) or new riders. In these situations a helmet can save your life.

so what would your skull look like?
so what would your skull look like?

The above pictured helmet is the result of a crash from local bike rider. The result was not good, the rider broke vertebrate, had surgery and is getting back to walking. So knowing what kind of damage the wreck had with a helmet, what would have happened if he weren’t wearing a helmet? How much impact could the skull really take?

I think we can all agree that this helmet may be a hero, this man may watch his family grow now because of it, it very well may have saved his life.

When we think about it, how freaking advanced are helmets? They’re designed to fit comfortably take the impact, brake apart to absorb, and stay together for protection, all while being lightweight and breathable. Plus there’s technology that you can’t see.  The photo below shows some sort of retention cord, so that the helmet stays together as it’s breaking during the crash.

the next time you think the helmet isn't worth the price, know that it is.
the next time you think the helmet isn’t worth the price, know that it is.

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