Play Zwift/Indoor Training/Workout/Exercise

Zwift is an app or program or whatever it’s called nowadays that allows you to ride, or run, inside a video game.

Indoor trainers offer excellent workouts and for years it’s been hard to really get motivated to sit inside on your bike and workout but now with Zwift and smart trainers. Smart trainers can seem expensive but with the value they provide it’s a good investment.

The best value smart trainer is linked about, and if you shop in store or call you can receive 20% off your purchase. Sometimes this item is not in stock but it’s no big deal for us to get it, save you money and be there as back up. Other than the trainer itself, you need a dongle and a subscription to Zwift which is only $10 a month and well worth the price.

Zwift has many different features, you can create custom workouts, ride to workouts, ride and groups and races. If you don’t want to do any of that you can simply ride courses at your own paces and there are timed laps and segments in the game. There is a base map you can ride along with a course in London and Richmond with more probably being developed for the future.

There are some things that can go along with it depending on what you do or do not already have and we’re here to support that. In the picture below are some common accessories such as a tablet holder, trainer, floor mat and wheel block. There are also protection items that protect the bike from sweat.

More than anything, this is convenient to schedules and top level training. Call 740-297-8580 and we can help you get set up/

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