It’s not exactly camouflage.

One thing is for sure, XLC riding jacket reflects a lot of light. This is good for visibility at anytime of day, even over cast. The fit is warm and the jackets performance as a wind blocker is noticeable. No comfort issues were noticed and the fleece neck was great.

Designed to be a wind jacket with full front zipper. It is made from polyester, which is  lightweight. The collar is micro fleece. The sides are vented keeping the jacket breathable.

The jacket has a rear pocket for your storage needs. Also, the whole jacket stuffs into the pocket, so if the sun breaks out, you get warm or whatever, you have a feasible way of carrying the jacket.



This jacket is also great for walkers, dog walkers or I suppose a sanitation engineer.

Most jackets in this category sell for 55$ and up. XLC jacket is quality and sells for $44.



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