I just want a bike to ride.

You and everyone else! No, really.

Most people don’t want to ride a bike for sport.

Most people don’t ride a bike for sport.

Most people like to go about, visit places, look a scenery, be with their family and get a little exercise in the mix.

Our most popular bikes are bikes just for that. Ones built for comfort and reliability.

You’re not alone, you’re actually everyone.

We feature bikes starting at $339 and going up to about $559 for the type of riding you do. This gets you a bike that isn’t some department/sport store junk, lightweight and reliable all backed by full time bike people.

The bike people have knowledge in common issues that cause discomfort in riding and are well versed to fix your flats and whatever repairs you would need in a timely cost effective manor.

We also feature all sorts of things from smart phone holders, dog baskets, dog leashes to mirrors and computers to go along with your bike to make the experience more enjoyable.

If you like to get out and about come visit our bicycle store at 241 market street in Zanesville Ohio and tell us what kind of biking you do!

light weight, nimble and comfortable. available with kickstand.

light weight, nimble and comfortable. available with kickstand.


The Trek Verve is a great bike for all around Ohio. Fitness that fits the demands of your schedule, a bike can take you where you want to go. Available in multiple sizes depending on your height. 360 bike shop has got your bike path bike needs covered in Zanesville Ohio.

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