Just in time for black friday…

Black Friday Sale

dk General Lee black friday sale

Black Friday is coming and we have some great buys for you.

First, are you ready to wait in line at 2:00 am? Well, don’t worry, we won’t make you jump through any hoops. We’ll be open regular business hours!
All Bike Path Bikes, Bmx Bikes, Mountain Bikes, Road Bikes and all accessories will be on sale for black Friday.

But the gem of it will be the DK GENERAL LEE. The general lee has been the most wanted bike for the past decade and is still going strong.

Why is it so desirable? Well, we won’t even go into detail about it’s heritage, instead we’ll talk about it’s pleasing graphics. The colors are bright!

Don’t forget that most teenage boys love riding BMX Bikes as hobby’s, so the fact that you can get a DK for a great price makes this bike hot!

Retail for this bike is $239, but you won’t pay that on black Friday. We’ll be doing the bike for $199.99!!!!!

Why is the bike over two hundred dollars to begin with? Well, it’s not your department store junk!

The General Lee has real bearings, TIG welded cranks, 990 brakes, 14mm rear axles and alloy wheels. This bike meets the demands of neighborhood ramping with flying colors.

Tired of buying department store bikes, get the General Lee. Only it has the quality threesixty Bike Shop will stand behind.

What if you run out of stock? If we happen to run out of stock on black Friday of the DK general lee we will special order you one at the sale price!

Other bikes? Yes, we have tons of other bikes in stock and ready to go for the black Friday sale. We also sell gift certificates for the biker in your life that needs something, you just don’t know what.

Come on down to Zanesville finest bicycle repair shop on black friday!

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