Let’s Talk: Hand Numbness

People often report their hands going to sleep, tingling or discomfort while riding. There have been several attempts in the industry to develop a product to combat this problem but the best thing you can do is not relax your grip. You don’t need to grip the handle bar with ultimate strength but a firm clinch will do the trick. Gloves and good grips absolutely have their place but you’re the main driver in this equation.

You may not believe this, so let’s review human anatomy and watch a small demonstration.
In the above picture, opposite of the thumb you should notice one large blood vein that appears to be the main supply line of blood to the hand. It should be obvious that if you cut off the blood flow your going to experience discomfort.

In the above picture here you can see a significant amount of muscles covering the blood tubes. If these muscles are activated and tight the blood tubes are protected to a much higher degree than they are if the muscle is relaxed and soft. Watch the video below for a simple demonstration.


It’s important to note that in the video nothing special was done, the muscle simply reacted the way it did when the hand was closed. So when you start to fatigue while riding make sure to keep a grip.

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