Liv Embolden Women’s Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Liv’s Embolden Mountain Bike has to be one of the best options for any woman who wants to get into mountain biking or has been mountain biking and knows what kind of features they want.

Embolden has two models, which will perform fairly equally due to how much of the bike is the same. The higher end model has a slightly nicer parts package but either bike seems to be a good choice for the price.

Emboldens frame is fairly light with the right geometry to ride a variety of trails and perform different task.

It’s tires are 27.5″ tall and 2.6″ wide. This is different than mountain bike traditionally have been but has become a modern standard due to their grip, traction and other handling properties such as quick acceleration and turning radius.

With Liv being the house brand of the world largest manufacturer of bikes your always going to get great value, craftsmanship, materials and components.

We can see first hand the quality of handlebars, grips, tires, rims and more.

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