Maintenance and why.

If your bike don’t work you’re not going to ride it and if it doesn’t work correctly you’re not going to enjoy riding.

Having your bike maintained is important for many factors other than our sales numbers.

You probably aren’t a professional bike mechanic, and as easy as it is to believe your bicycle is simple, there are many things that take a trained eye and hand to get right. Not only does this guarantee your safety, but also enjoyment. A sturdy bike is more fun and efficient than a jalopy.

You won’t break your budget by getting your bike fixed. You can feel confident to walk in to our store, let’s want to emphasize our store, because some other shops may not be the same and say what does my bike need. We can service the bike upon your expectations, so if you want to just get it safe an operable we can do that and if you want it to be run as smooth as possible we can do that.

Either or we are proud to tell you that we have an outstanding satisfaction rate and people know we’re here to work for them.

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