Marlin and Marlin WSD are Men’s and Women’s off road mountain bikes that are built to give as much performance as possible while being near the bottom of the price spectrum. If you’re looking at your first mountain bike and don’t want to spend too much money we’re confident that Marlin and Skye are for you. These models are designed to be the no shortcut in quality and craftsman ship price point bike to compete with off brands and department stores and they do exactly that.

Both models are Trek Alpha Silver Aluminum framed bikes with true sport riding geometry and a tad of versatility. It is important to know that not all pieces of aluminum are created equal, along with how they’re manufactured and having a frame with well chosen material and quality craftsmanship means that the bike rides better, allowing it’s components to work and fit better. This means less worry and maintenance and more fun and riding.

The models have different configurations that can add performance through drive train and suspension upgrades. They’re all well built as a whole and could honestly satisfy a top level riders specifications for through the woods riding. With that said, it is important to say, that while these bikes are great and capable they’re not higher end models for more serious sport riding.

Both models can be outfitted with rackslighting and electronics that can enhance your adventures and versatility.

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