Zanesville Mountain Biking

Zanesville has the opportunity to ride off road mountain bikes on many different trail systems.

If you’re thinking about mountain biking, think no more, jump in and do it. It’s a fun activity that doesn’t require hours of dedication sweat and tears, take it out, enjoy the challenge and move on.

Personally, dillon state park is a favorite place of mine, there’s more to do than just mountain biking, so it can be an after work family vacation, all right on our door step.

There’s not a lot you need to know about mountain biking, you can get a good mountain at a bike shop, and not just ours, we do have something to offer you but all bike shops sell good bikes. Other than that you need a bike, a helmet and some water.

You can bring other things with you if were to have a mechanical issue, which we have all of that. The best thing though, is to make sure your bike is ready to go before you ride.

Other than that keep it oiled and you’re ready.

Trail rated bikes start at just $339, that’s a pretty small investment with a huge possible fun return.

Zanesville Ohio Mountain Biking
Zanesville Ohio Mountain Biking

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