Pro Road Bike Tune Up Special

Your road bike saw a lot of use this summer, and there is no way to better preserve your bike that with our Pro Tune Up.

Preventive maintenance is key, and this package is the works.

What the special is?

Receive on us:

  • New Shift and Brake Cores
  • New Shift Housings (your choice black, blue or red)
  • New Brake Housings (your choice balck, blue, red or white)
  • New XLC Bar Tape with multiple color options

What is a Pro Road Bike Tune Up?

The pro road bike tune up is our $150 tune up preformed to the highest standard.

What will happen to your bike:

  • Disassemble Everything
  • Clean Everything
  • Lubricate Everything
  • Service ¬†Everything
  • Re install Everything
  • Tighten Everything
  • Adjust Everything
  • Lubricate Again
  • Clean Again
  • Align all Human Interfaces

So if the above doesn’t make sense to you, we’re going to clean and degrease all brakes, derailleurs, chain, cassette, shifters cranks, bearings, pedals, hubs and everything else. We’re going to put on all new cables, install all components and adjust them. Once everything is tuned and ready to go, the bars will be wrapped and everything will be aligned, right down to making sure your shifters are perfectly level.

This is designed to make your bike run at the tip top of its capabilities.

Keep in mind we cannot perform miracles on stretched chains and cassettes.


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