Project Re-cycle Update

Ready to be taken

Bicycle's dropped off at a park in Zanesville.

Project Re-cycle was started by Three Sixty Bike Shop owner Mike Brooks in March of 2011. While driving around he noticed a lot of people around Zanesville walking to get to point A to B. His years in the Bike Industry had taught him that a lot of people have a bike they don’t ride, and that they would give that bike away if they knew someone needed it.

So, Three Sixty started taking bikes that people donated and getting them road worthy. To this day the store has given out over 50 bikes. We lost track mid summer, but now we have some time to breathe and photograph some of the bike’s we’re giving out.

Three Sixty Bike Shop is simply a match maker. Without the people who donate the bikes, Three Sixty would not be able to give the bicycles away. There are people in Zanesville who have to walk to their job, hopefully we can match them with a bike someone is giving away. There are kids who don’t have bikes, hopefully we can match them with a bike someone else’s kid grew out of.

It’s our goal that eveyone rides a bike. It doesn’t matter to us if it’s for transportation, sport or recreation. We believe that bikes have a positive impact on a lot of problems our people face.

Project Re-cycle is and always will be a mission of Three Sixty Bike Shop.

For photo’s of bikes check out our Facebook album labeled Project Re-cycle.

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