Road Bike Check: Anson Brooks’ Emonda S

Anson is a life long bicyclists, not cycling but cycling, did back flips made podiums and for as long as he’s been riding he’s been working on them.

So, let’s start off by saying what is with the marker scheme?

Well, I didn’t known what colors to get and wanted to get my bike on the way, I did the project one from trek. So I just left it all white and then one night I thought it was boring and saw my kids markers and started going. I wanted to make the thing the Ohio flag, but it didn’t go right and I wrote “Be yourself” because I figured people would think its weird I drew in my bike and then all the other stuff I let my kid draw on it and then I thought it would be smart to write three sixty bike shop Zanesville Ohio all over it. At the end of the day it’s just a thing and it can always be changed so I just let it go into whatever.

Hmm, So it’s a project one? What’s a project one?

Basically you’re able to pick whatever color you want it and what comes on it, the parts, the wheels the tires, the sizes of the stuff like stem length and bar width as well as gearing options, so if you know what you want it’s really neat.

So you can pick whatever color you want and you got white on white?

Yes sir.

Ok, so let’s talk about the set up what groupset are you running and what are your thoughts on it?

Well I’m running Shimano Dura Ace 9000 which is absolutely incredible. I’ve had other group sets and stuff and I can see why most of the pros are on this stuff, the material is awesome, the craftsmanship is awesome and the function is awesome. I have rode this stuff all summer and really haven’t had to do any adjustments and I think it’s definitely worth the price. A side note is that I’m really impressed with all the new Shimano Road Groups. The Dura Ace though, I mean it preforms when I thought it wouldn’t.

Cool, so what about your other parts?

Well the frame is a basic trek emonda, it’s actually the lowest model frame and I’m impressed with it. I like internal routing on frames but for myself I really like being able to see the cables, I’m convinced they work better if they’re visible. Just Kidding, but the bike is still really light even though it’s not the top frame and it feels sturdy, much more sturdy than some other frames I’ve road. The fork isn’t fancy either, it’s carbon and the steer tube is aluminum and I can’t really say I can notice too much difference between it and carbon. I opted for the aero bars and like them, I got a Bontrager Carbon XXX stem and I’m real impressed with that, I bought it because when I was really going at it on climbs I thought I was feeling my aluminum stem flex and I was so not only is it lighter I think it’s safer, and preforms better and makes the bike more efficient.

You didn’t say anything about your wheels, what’s up with them?

They’re carbon tubulars, I can see what the big deal about tubulars is and why the pros run them, they feel really stable. The carbon itself is definitely worth the investment. Not only just for weight, but it’s sturdier, so cornering is better, accelerations are better the aero dynamics are better, I’m hot on those. I haven’t trued the wheels at all. So there’s a whole season and they’re holding up great. The hubs are fine too I guess I haven’t gave them much thought but I haven’t been displeased.

So you’re impressed with tubulars what tires are you running?

The basic bontrager ones, I had the light ones and had a slot of cuts, it was also spring, but I’m back to the basics. I haven’t tried a bunch of different ones but I love how these handle, they’ve been stable when doing things I think normal tires would have let go.

So Tubulars roll of the rim is that right?

I guess, I’ve heard stories and stuff but never really had any problems, it has been something in my mind though but I think it’s safe, maybe even more safe.

More safe? How?

I don’t know, like I don’t have any scientific research or anything, I just think if I were to get a flat at speed it could be less traumatic then a standard clincher. But again, I have no way to back that up.

So what about your seating arrangement?

Well, I’ve found that I 100% prefer classic saddle designs. I’m not sure really how seats got so flat, but I have numbness problems, so for my the more round it is like an actual saddle the more I like it.

Any thing special about your bike?

Uh not really, I haven’t done too much to it, I got the power meter in the crank, so there’s a whole computer integrated into my crank that measures how much power I’m producing.

One bottle cage?

Yeah, I add another one sometimes.

What accessories do you travel with?

Uh. Well. I try to keep it light. I’m not a fan of co2 so I use a regular pump and I have tubeless tires sealant in my tire, so if I get a flat I just air it back up and keep riding. You can do that with tubes too, just put the sealant in there. I normally have a flare r on there, which is a light you can see from over a mile away in the day, I also have a headlight I ride with if I ride at night. I keep it basic.

Gear ratio?

53/39 and 11-28.

Ok, strong man huh? I think that’s all the questions I have, anything you want to say?

Yeah uh, I want to thank the bike shop, I want to thank Trek, give a shout out to my wife and kids and that’s about it.

Err, wait, I do have one more, why no bar tape up past the shifter and is the checker flag tape a statement?

Lol, well, so, I built a bike for someone and they made me aware that on aero bars you only wrap them to where it gets aero and my bars were wrapped all the way and then I figured I’d go over the top and just take it to the shifter, mainly because I felt I wasn’t ever leaning on the tops to need padding, when I’m upright I’m on the hoods and then when I ride I’m usually wearing my classique gloves that are tacky and padded. Really my wifes had that tape since before I knew here and I was the only tape I had when I decided to make the change. But in a way I like it and it is a statement.

Standard but Unstandard
Standard but Unstandard

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