Roscoe 7

Roscoe is a new model in Trek’s repertoire that is available in Men’s and Women’s versions and is sure to be a hit due to what it can offer the rider. It comes in two different Aluminum models that are both of high quality and craftsmanship.

The Roscoe 7 retails at $1,069 with it’s counterpart the Roscoe 8 at $1,259. The main thing that separates the models from other models is the 27.5″ x 2.8″ tires. A tire this wide provides many balance points and very good traction due to the sheer size of it’s foot print as well as more durability, comfort and off road versatility. Roscoe can be ridden on gravel roads, cross country single track, light Enduro jumps, mud and snow. It is important to say that tires of this width can provide some of the same benefits as a rear shock.

Both models can be outfitted with racks, lighting and electronics that can enhance your adventures. Mountain biking is very neat because as a sport it’s open to interpretation so it can be done however one wants. This bike answers the call of people looking for a bike that is high performing, versatile and less expensive than full suspensions.

Both models also feature 1x drive trains which means there is one sprocket up front which can sprocket can simplify shifting and reduce the overall weight of the bike. The 10-11 rear gears have a wide range so there is virtually no penalty.

The actual difference in the two models is small, but important and of value. Over the 7, the 8 has an air fork, dropper seat post, slightly better drive train and brakes. Air forks allow for a more custom feel in your suspension because it can be tuned to your weight. Dropper seat post can be lowered and raised by pushing a button, allowing the seat to be out of the way during jump or highly technical steep descents.

Upgraded drives trains are made out of stronger materials allowing them to work better under pressure and stay adjusted properly much longer.


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