Full Tune Up – Starting at $19.95

The aim of our full tune-up is to bring your bike back to 100% functionality. Whether that means just touching up your front brake a bit or untangling your chain from your back wheel and dialing your derailleur back in. Whether you have a bike you spent $10 on at a yard sale or the finest racing bike money can buy. We will inspect your ride and tell you what it needs to get back to 100.

Full tune-ups start at $19.95 and max out at $89. If your bike happens to need the max, this is what we’ll do:

We put your bike on the stand, remove it’s wheels, and clean the entire frame and all it’s components as good as we can by hand. Then we oil everything and make sure everything is tight. Next we service the wheels, making sure they’re clean, straight and freshly greased. We then re-install the wheels and dial in the brakes and gears. After the bike comes down from the stand it’s aligned, aired up, and we call you to give the good news. When you come in and see your bike, you’re like, “Wow.”