Tune Ups

Tune Ups are the best way to service your bike. We offer individual services, but a bike works as a complete system and you may not realize what all is really wrong with your bike. The service preserves the bike, makes it safer and allows it to work at the top of it’s capability.

Due to improvements in efficiency, technique and process unique to our store, our tune ups have a great turn around time and deliver the best possible product.

We offer two tune ups, a Basic Tune Up which is $45 and a Full Tune Up that is $70.

Both tune ups go over the entire bike, ensuring that everything is tightened, aligned, cleaned, lubricated and functioning properly. The difference between them is that the Full Tune Up offers a comprehensive wheel service along with a more comprehensive and detailed cleaning. With both services the bikes are test ridden to ensure that they indeed do work.

No appointment is needed, but one can be made. Typically you bring in your bike and we discuss anything we notice that may need replaced and then decide which service you want. Then after it’s checked in, wait for a phone call. Typically customers express their satisfaction as soon as they see the bike.

We strive to do it as good as it can be done and hope you feel confident in choosing us as your bike tune up specialists.

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