Introduction to the road bike.

Cycling is fun.

We feature the brand of Trek Bikes. Trek is a family business that is number one in the bicycle industry.

1.1 is $769 and is built sturdy, rugged and versatile, capable of enjoying riding, cross country touring, racing and more. 1.1 has a female counter part named Lexa. Lexa features different geometry and coloring.

Emonda has a range of prices and is built to be lightest in its class. It lacks nothing in performance and is capable of enjoying riding, cross country racing and more. Well balanced and nimble Emonda is less to carry up hills. Emonda has a specific design for men and women.

Domane is by far the smoothest cycling bike on the market. It’s patented technology ensures its ability to isolate the rider from the road doesn’t detour it’s ability to perform on the road. Models feature traditional racing brakes as well as disc brakes. Fits a wide range of tires. Accepts fenders. Has endurance position. Padded Handlebars. Domane has a female counter part name Silque. Silque is ground up woman. Composed with different structuring it offers everything Domane does in experience. Sturdy and fast the Domane and Silque have the best handling and the smoothest ride.

Madone is…I don’t know. People don’t talk to me about it and I only know what I’ve seen of it on TV. I think it has won the tour de france 7 times as well as chased or drove every break in the peloton. I think the Europeans like it. It’s aerodynamic and strong. I believe it is what they day it is. Madone is there for you in all situations.

You need to think about what kind of cycling you like and what is practical for you to do. Talk to a store associate about how you believe you will ride and we can help find the right bike for you.

It’s best to have our assistance so we can help you find the right size and posistion as well as what kind of things allow your to experience cycling at its best.

Superior to all other brands.
Superior to all other brands.

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