Shoes You Bake?

20150407_221430Yes, bake. Like little feet cookies.

And not only do you bake them, but the Bontrager RXL road shoe is a 12 on the stiffness scale, which is better than 11.

We recently had the pleasure of customizing Mike’s insoles. Here’s how it went down…

To get started, we needed to read the directions. Since Mike’s mechanical brain can’t wrap around written directions, I was assigned this task.

The first step is to preheat your oven to 200°F. Then, take the insoles out of the shoes and remove the inserts from the “chassis.”

When your oven is at the right temperature, put JUST the inserts on a baking tray or aluminum foil into the oven. Again, that’s INSERTS in, CHASSIS’ out. I say it like this because in the directions there’s a picture of one of the chassis with a big red X through it in this step, so I thought it important to emphasize. 20150407_221546

Bake those bad boys for two minutes. There’s supposed to be a sticker on the backs of them to help indicate when they are ready. Mike’s were lacking these, but two minutes seemed to work just fine. While they are baking the directions suggest putting on your preferred cycling socks.


Pull them out of the oven and put them back together with the chassis’. They stick on with Velcro. Do this quickly as they start to harden in 45 seconds. But not too quickly. I put the one I was working with on (just a bit) haphazardly and Mike could feel the difference. But alas, all was well because you can customize the inserts up to three times, so we just re-baked that one and tried again.

Once you have the inserts paired with the chassis’ and the insoles back in the shoes, put the shoes on, adjust them how you like, and stand on them evenly for 3 minutes.

Voila, custom insoles. 20150407_223436




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